University Attempt (College try)

Oh… Fine I’ll update again.

Muddling through the past summer of course I’ve done some thinking… but I’ve not gotten too far.  Still find myself a bit lost, but starting to gain traction on what I hope is the right course.  Perhaps a business degree instead of computer science… great.  More time at school… and those grades need a bit of help too.

Well, I’m hoping that this will get me back into some academic thinking and a forward direction.  Started gaining momentum today by sorting out some school stuff.

Through some thinking, however, it’s a bit difficult to find much I want to dive into.  As I’ve posted before, I really want something to drive me to do something great… but I’ve not found my calling.  I mean, I have some ideas for businesses and whatnot, but it’s not exactly a metal to my magnet.  Still, doing something great isn’t for everyone.  I could honestly be happy being a stay-at-home spouse and live out my days being happy with someone that makes me happy.

Nevertheless, I’ll keep at it.  I’ve put myself in debt for a reason. I hope it turns out to be a good one.  If not, well, I’ll leave a quote from a friend of mine (roughly remembered, up for an edit if I get around to quoting him correctly):  “Some of us don’t have a Moby DIck to chase.  Some of us just want to go fishing.”


To do.

Break the stake, for what’s at stake,

Release yourself from yourself.

To see what you can make.