Privacy? More like $

Anger. Hate. It’s all over the news. They think we don’t listen. They think we don’t remember. We care. We remember. We just… Feel powerless.

Thanks for allowing ISP’s to sell my browsing data, senators. Hope you’ve got nothing to hide either.

I’m glad you can be bought, you know, instead of providing services and voting in favor of things your constituents agree with.


Stop / Start – to self

Stop thinking about her. It’s not healthy. The relationship stopped being healthy a long time ago. She started taking advantage of you. The relationship is over.

Stop fantasizing about the good times. Remember them but don’t forget the bad times either. The bad was really bad. It wasn’t healthy. Thinking about things as they used to be won’t change how they are now.

Start spending time with you. Get to know yourself. Get better acquainted.

Start forming healthy habits.

Keep learning

Don’t give up on love… Please… I know you need it

Change – a constant

The only constant is change.

I’m scared, but hopeful.

My life is in pieces, but I think it’ll come back together better than it was before.

We’ll see…


What am I to do?

This lost and lonely soul yearns for something to feel passionate about.

There are so many “options”,

“life choices”,



There are some who have found their calling.
I envy them.

Sometimes ‘y’.

Monotonous monstrosity, seeing how I’ve got to be part of mediocrity.

Could honestly get a lobotomy cuz that’s not what I want to be.


Is it money that could let this caged bird free?

Is that the key that could let me flee?

Surely!  A lottery!  It’s plain to see,

Could really change a lot for me.

This industry, promissory, pertaining to liability,

Would definitely be cured easily.

Though my quandary, sadly,

Cannot be cured by poetry.


The Great Distraction

I am currently holding much resistance to the subsistence of this existence.

I’m bored with what I’m doing.  I find little meaning in it.  I’m sure some of you do too.  I’m in college, currently working at a major that’s probably not going to help me in the long run.  I’m working to get a job that’s probably not going to make me happy in the long run.  Furthermore, I’m currently not happy with what I’m doing with my life because I find there’s no meaning to it.

What am I supposed to do?

I have absolutely no idea.  Nor do most of us.   So what do we do?

We distract ourselves.

Television.  Movies. Videogames. Internet forums. Books.  Mindless violence.  The list continues.

Why do we do it?

Do we find ourselves without purpose? Do we find ourselves without meaning?  Are we bored with our lives?  I think the answer is obvious:


A wonderfully powerful, and appropriate quote from one of my favorite movies, Fight Club (grabbed from WikiQuotes):

 “We’re the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place.
We have no Great War. No Great Depression.
Our great war is a spiritual war.
Our great depression is our lives.
We’ve all been raised on television to believe that one day we’d all be millionaires,
and movie gods, and rock stars, but we won’t. We’re slowly learning that fact. And we’re very, very pissed off.”

The fact is though, most of us aren’t pissed off.  We’re disappointed.

Our ancestors suffered through a Great Depression.  It was a defining moment.  They had to survive to get to the next day.  They had wars, they had struggle, they had strife.  They worked hard for what they had.  I wholeheartedly appreciate what they did for us, but the question now is:

What’s next?

We don’t know.  We’re stuck.  We’re disappointed because we don’t know what to do, and none of us have the gumption to move forward.

So we distract ourselves.

Pulled from a quick Google search:

~2 Million people are registered users of League of Legends.

~11 Million World of Warcraft users.

You get the point.

So, what do we do now?

Do we move forward?  Or do we waste away in front of our computers?
Though I’d hate to think of it as wasting our lives.  We’re living the lives we want to.
Where else can you save the world on a regular basis?  Where else can you be a powerful Wizard?
Where else can you become an architect in your own right?
Where else can you be accepted for who you are, unconditionally?

Where else can you find a huge group of people that feel the same way you do, that find the same things interesting, that see the world for what it is, and escape?

I just wish I had something that drove me to do something meaningful.  Until then, I’ll be here.


I figured I would start off by describing myself, but I’ve come to the realization that there’s nothing all that special to me.  I mean, everyone has been told at one point that we’re all special.  How special could I be, honestly?  I’m one of approximately 7 billion (rounded i’m sure, but not willing to look up the actual number right now).  Product of middle-class parents, from humble beginnings, etc.  But what separates me from all the rest?

Am I really good at something?

Am I some sort of genius?

Am I rich?
Not even close.

Do I have some sort of mind-blowingly awesome idea up in this convoluted skull of mine?
…maybe one day.

It’s really humbling to keep up with everything that’s going on in the world.  Scientific breakthroughs, medical breakthroughs, technological advances… they make me feel so small, and I have yet to contribute anything.

I’d like to think of myself as special, but I’d need to prove it to myself to believe it.