It’s been a year almost to the week since I became single again.

Now I’m going to have a job in a city I wanted to be in.

I’m going to have my own place.

I’m going to get exactly what I wanted. Isn’t that kind of scary? I’ve been hoping for this for months. “You might just get what you wished for” scenario. Oof. I’m both anxious and excited for this new chapter.

Though I will miss being around my parents, I love them dearly. I’m really glad that I got the chance to reconnect with them. They truly are wonderful people and I’m so lucky to have them.

Getting to know your parents later in life is definitely something I would recommend to anyone. Finding out that they’re people with hopes and dreams and ambitions of their own is both refreshing and humanizing.

They’re not just people that you see every day and tell you to brush your teeth. Learning more about their stories and getting to know them as an adult has been a gift.

If you ever read this mom and dad, thank you.



I have some really personal stories here… Used to use this as a diary
Let my know… If anyone reads this, I can publish them.

They’ll stay as drafts otherwise

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I figured I would start off by describing myself, but I’ve come to the realization that there’s nothing all that special to me.  I mean, everyone has been told at one point that we’re all special.  How special could I be, honestly?  I’m one of approximately 7 billion (rounded i’m sure, but not willing to look up the actual number right now).  Product of middle-class parents, from humble beginnings, etc.  But what separates me from all the rest?

Am I really good at something?

Am I some sort of genius?

Am I rich?
Not even close.

Do I have some sort of mind-blowingly awesome idea up in this convoluted skull of mine?
…maybe one day.

It’s really humbling to keep up with everything that’s going on in the world.  Scientific breakthroughs, medical breakthroughs, technological advances… they make me feel so small, and I have yet to contribute anything.

I’d like to think of myself as special, but I’d need to prove it to myself to believe it.

Words of Warning.

There is no guarantee as to the quality of this site, nor is there any guarantee that you’ll like its content or agree with it.  That’s not my goal.  My goal is to throw my brain into a juicer and find out what drips out.  Those drips are written here.