I have some really personal stories here… Used to use this as a diary
Let my know… If anyone reads this, I can publish them.

They’ll stay as drafts otherwise

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Privacy? More like $

Anger. Hate. It’s all over the news. They think we don’t listen. They think we don’t remember. We care. We remember. We just… Feel powerless.

Thanks for allowing ISP’s to sell my browsing data, senators. Hope you’ve got nothing to hide either.

I’m glad you can be bought, you know, instead of providing services and voting in favor of things your constituents agree with.

Stop / Start – to self

Stop thinking about her. It’s not healthy. The relationship stopped being healthy a long time ago. She started taking advantage of you. The relationship is over.

Stop fantasizing about the good times. Remember them but don’t forget the bad times either. The bad was really bad. It wasn’t healthy. Thinking about things as they used to be won’t change how they are now.

Start spending time with you. Get to know yourself. Get better acquainted.

Start forming healthy habits.

Keep learning

Don’t give up on love… Please… I know you need it

Change – a constant

The only constant is change.

I’m scared, but hopeful.

My life is in pieces, but I think it’ll come back together better than it was before.

We’ll see…